Ascending Falling Mountain PILS

I’ve been fortunate to drink great pilsner all around the world. To me, the style is an expression of balance and restraint. So I’ve decided to start making one here in Launceston, regularly, and you’re welcome to help me drink it. Peak Pils is a classic, German-style pils with notes of hay, sweet malt, black tea, with a creamy texture and a dry finish. Prost!

4.8%, 375ml Can, 1.4 STD DRINKS

Hut to Hut Walk PALE

A heavily hopped, lean pale ale, using 100% Tasmanian hops. A super simple recipe is dominated by flavours of ripe pineapple and stone fruits. I thought it would be fun to make a beer that I could take hiking.
I wanted to do two things with Hut; make a flavourful hoppy pale ale that I could take on hiking trips, and use Tassie Cascade and Galaxy which is an absolute winning hop combination.

5.4%, 375ml Can, 1.6 STD DRINKS

Resting at Pinestone Valley Creek MID

With a gentle backbone of pale malt and oats, our mid is an easy-drinking pale ale that is still hopped to the hilt, showcasing Tassie Galaxy and US Amarillo. Expect an aromatic beer with juicy fruit and a soft malt body with a dry finish. The perfect session beer.

3.5% - 1 STD DRINK

Mountain to Mountain to Mountain OATMEAL STOUT

When I started Du Cane, my original idea was to only make different stouts. I’m interested in too many styles to have followed through with it, but stout is really a pinnacle in beer for me. It’s both working-class and also luxurious. This export stout has a high proportion of oats, chocolate malt and smoked malt. It’s one that I’ve homebrewed more than any other over the years. It’s also the first beer I brewed.


Turning of the Fagus hazy Pale

As Summer turns to Autumn, the fagus turns from green to gold. A nod to the change in seasons, this approachable pale ale features the US hop Idaho 7 in abundance. Bright, juicy and aromatic with big tropical fruit and citrus. A smooth and soft malt profile with low bitterness makes this an easy drinking beer for any time of year.

5.0% ABV, keg release only